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A+Z, Rišňovský, Halász, s.r.o. was established as a family company business in 1992. The main activity is the processing of fruit and vegetables; in summer the company is focused on processing of seasonal fruit and vegetables and in winter, the company is focused on processing of root crop and ingredients. The company started its activity on its own property by the construction of a small plant. The continuous increase in production volume resulted in the purchase of a large property at the border of Veľké Úľany in 2001, where the company gradually established a new production hall and cooling plant. Introduction of the HACCP system provides for continuous high-quality products. The HACCP system provides healthy living conditions. We have certified our Quality Management System IFS Higher Level. In 2 plants, the company has been manufacturing 40 products. The company has been employing 120-150 employees on a seasonal basis. The Company considers the production of high-quality products and creation of a favourite mark for the most important aspect of supporting its products, requiring the creation of credibility and persistence. 60 % of products have been exported to foreign countries and 40 % of products is made for home consumers.